Friday, September 9, 2011

Thanks Dear!!

Monday my ... I don't know what to call him anymore... told me that he still really didn't have the words to tell but  all of his friends had been able to tell that he'd been unhappy and he hasn't loved for two to three months so we were separating.  WTF???  So now, on TOP of all the frelling pain & depression I've been having for months I get to have more.  I am hereby changing my name to Dancing with Knives.  It's just a damn good thing for the sanity of my family that I promised my bff Lucy that I'd never kill myself because she doesn't have a damn thing to wear to my funeral (plus now she lives in Texas so there's that whole airfare issue & my dad already having lost a son would be horrible wounded even though technically I'll just a stepdaughter & I have kids yada yada yada).  This sucks.  Especially since I have enough opioids.

Not Happy,

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