Saturday, April 16, 2011

If I Change the Sheets Can My Head Fall Off??

Doncha love the fact that insurance companies only allow you to have nine migraines a month?  Well, that assumes that you only need one Imitrex per migraine to make the migraine Go Away™.  Do my migraines do that?  No.  Do your migraines do that?  Gawd I hope so!!  Because it seriously bites.  Two to three migraines a week and I can treat... one.  All because I have too save up my Imitrex OR use it all up and sit where I'm sitting right now.  I have one dose left and I can't refill until next Friday.  Wheeeeeeeeeee!!!  If you are under the impression that I'm being just a weeeeeee bit sarcastic... it just goes to show how incredibly smart you are!  So now I'll force myself to get up.  I'll viciously make my teenage son help me change the sheets which so desperately need it (I'd have done it last week but....).  And then I'll take my last dose of Imitrex along with the other meds I take with it (benedryl yada yada) and pray that that works.

To the good, I did manage to read the newest Sharon Lee & Steve Miller story which just became available on Kindle, Skyblaze.  I love the Liaden Universe® series.  I'm a hard-core SF/F reader and this universe is so utterly fantastic that I can reread the books several times a year.  Yeah.  That good!  So good that Anne McCaffrey uses them as comfort books!  I rate authors by how many times I can reread their books and I only buy those I reread the most in hardcover.  There are fewer than five that I buy in hardcover.  The writing team of Sharon Lee & Steve Miller are one finger of that list.  I even have two sets of their books so I can loan them out.  My friends can tell you that I Just Don't DO That.  Oh yeah.  Diversion.  It's a pain thing.  Yeah.  They're that good.  Which lends hope to the migraine.  ::crossing fingers::

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