Tuesday, April 19, 2011

If One More Person...

I had two appointments today.  One was for my daughter.  That one was actually changed from 1445 to 1000.  This was a Good Thing since I had an appointment with my pain doc at 1415.  The reason I had that appointment was because I'd forgotten the one I'd had last week due to a panic attack that my baby girl had which, being the nature of panic attacks, was totally and absolutely out of her control.  So.  At about 0830 I left a message at her pdoc.  Her pdoc's receptionist called me back at about 0900 to let me know that there was a 1000 available.  So we zipped into clothes & out the door.  Once we were there we hashed out the OMG Major Panic Attack Problems, got Jen a note for being out from school on Friday & today and then headed out of Nashvegas toward Mt. Juliet which is where my pcp's office is.  Not to go there, but to hang out in shops until closer to time for my appointment with my pain management office which is further down the road in Leb-none.

Now, I just want to say one thing.  All designers of women's sleepwear should die.  Die de die die.  Why?  It's simple.  They make sleepwear out of soft slinky stuff.  They make sleepwear that has soft shoulder straps.  They make sleepwear that has soft shoulder straps and are gowns that cover down to mid-thigh.  BUT.  None of them have ALL of these features on the same damn thing!!  No, really!!  My darling daughter and I both have sensitivity issues.  We both have IBS.  Mind you, she can wear things that I no longer can.  Duh.  But I can't wear narrow straps at all anymore.  She still can.  Some days.  Both of us prefer soft slinky stuff.  Both of us would really really really (no, really!!) like gowns that have straps that are at least half an inch wide so that they don't hurt us when they're on our shoulders.  AND WE DON'T WANT LACE!  Why??  Because it frelling HURTS!!  Oh!!  But it looks pretty!  And your a gurrrrl.  And gurrrls LIKE lace.  Bite me.  When you have frelling pain of a 6-7 every frelling day and you can't get to sleep at night because you can't find anything to sleep in and you have to have something to sleep in because sleeping nekid isn't exactly an option then YOU can come whining to me about it.  Until then, get a life.  Preferably making me sleepwear that is actually comfortable enough for me actually to sleep in!!

And just for your information, it is perfectly possible to make very feminine clothing without frelling lace.  Geez Louise!!  Do you need me to do it for you??  Seriously!  I'd make it myself if my frelling hands still worked!!!  ::rolls eyes::  As I once told my ex, "I don't care what you like to look at, I care about what I like to sleep in.  I have no problem in buying lingerie like ng along the lines of that to take off, but don't expect me to wear it for long."  As I recall, I may also have said somethi"Have you felt this??  Would you want to wear it??"  Amazing how much someone's ideas about something can change when things are put into perspective.  Excuse me, need to let a cat in.

Gah.  Well, I have five cats in now so maybe I can finally get to sleep.  This blog is called Coping With Cats for a reason after all!!  ::smile::  Audrey took the time to amuse me in the bathroom playing toss the hair bands.  It's one of her favorite games.  You hold up a hair band and she hooks it with her claws and catches it, throwing it down to the floor.  The next one she might flip up to catch in her teeth for a minute and the following one dash under my old nursing stool which sits next to the scales.  The number of hair bands varies from four to eight.  She slithers them under and around and about the legs of the stool and pops them under the scales.  Once they're all under the scales, then she has to push the scales around trying to retrieve them.  Thus, the next time you enter the bathroom you may well find yourself in the middle of a hair band war skirmish of Take No Prisoners & No Quarter Given!!  Wherein the poor blighters find themselves berift from kith and kin.  Toss about skitter scat across the boundless sea...

I finally started falling asleep typing this last night & am finishing this up this morning.  Jen had trouble getting up again this morning.  I just put her hormone meds in her med box because she forgot to take them again.  She, her pdoc, her grandmother & I are pretty sure that her hormone levels may be playing a part in her panic attacks.  My mom used to have suicidal level depression tied into her cycles.  Jen went on hormones because of severe depression & having two cycles a month!  eeep!  In other news, I was finally able to order new contacts for Corwyn and me yesterday.  Whoot!!  I leave you with a picture of Audrey playing the hair band game and spoons.  Definitely crossing paws for spoons!!

 "I also like to steal hair bands off of dad's bedside table & to carry them around the house so my Feeders will play Fetch with me!!"

This isn't in Bumper Snickers or Medical Expressions.  I've also done a graphic that says,
"The family that meds together, stays together!"  heh heh heh


  1. Mail order catalogs have some cotton knit things that look slinky and soft. The price is a major deterrent. I've gone over to the flannel side, myself. I buy the cheapest flannel, wash it until it you can read through it, and then make it into granny gowns.

  2. Granny gowns aren't the style that usually works for me. What I tend to like is something with short sleeves or a skinny strap (but not a 'bra' strap). I've got some silk and if I could get up the energy to sew it'll all be good. But flannel & cotton knit usually aren't soft enough for me. meh. I need silk or tercel or very very very (no, very!) well-washed linen when I'm flaring badly. For clothes I tend to hit up the local thrift shop which has some loverly sales at the end of the month with 99¢ for clothes under $10. But that doesn't help if designers don't make the darn things in the first place! ::rueful grin::

  3. Respected friend:
    I feel dumb, but I can't find anything here or on LJ labelled "scrapbook". Could you email the URL to stuffwreath_neopets (At) yahoo (Dot) com?
    Thank you-

  4. It's on LJ and I just emailed the link to you. If you don't get it, let me know!