Saturday, April 23, 2011

Teenagers, My Head & the Lilac Bush

Corwyn's had two friends (15 yo twins with red hair whom my daughter refers to as Fred & George) over for the weekend.  The twins brought over their PS2 and Yu-Gi-Oh cards and so the boys have been playing with those as well as Corwyn's bow & arrows and his SCA combat gear.  In fact, they managed to track down some pvc, foam & duct tape so they could make two more swords since Corwyn's other swords & his helm had been loaned out for an event called Gulf Wars.  Of course, they didn't ask me before they did this so they ended up using red, purple & black duct tape resulting in rainbow swords.  When I said something about it, Corwyn looked at me with a Typical Teen Face and I explained that if they'd mentioned it I would have either a) tracked down silver duct tape or b) given them money to get more from the Kroger's down the street.  ::rolls motherly eyes::

In other news, my head still hates me with a pink & purple passion.  My feet also hate me.  Bad feet, no biscuit!!  Now I spend a lot of time in bed so I'm constantly doing leg exercises.  Stretching, pushing my knees into a pillow, pumping my feet, lifting my legs la la la yada yada yada.  Lately my [brain fart... part of the foot between the toes & the arch] have been hurting... well, hurting more than usual.  So, of course, I've been trying to move them more.  My massaging them is not an option.  If I do Things Like That my body very quickly yells at me to tell me that I'm doing too much.  I've found out that the reason my body stings from the inside out is because of my amount of activity.  meh.

This really really really bugs me because I used to do things.  Before my knees went out I walked at least a mile & a half twice a day.  I loved (no, really... stop laughing!!) cleaning the floor by getting down on my hands & knees and scrubbing it.  I could clean my house from top to bottom in under two hours and I had a blast totally revamping rooms by moving furniture around & stuff several times a year.  So.  Let me describe Thursday.

Thursday I had some extra cash.  I also had a closet that didn't have enough clothes that I can tolerate when I've done too much.  With the fibro, when I do too much I can't wear anything but silk & soft soft soft linen & only certain cottons & microfiber.  With the chronic pain, when I do too much... well, same thing.  Finding clothes that I can afford is like pulling teeth with a plumbers whatsit (see?  fibro fog!).  So I tend to shop at thrift stores.  Fortunately there is a really good one near me called All Things Possible.  Every month they have set sales on things.  The last Saturday of the month is 99¢ on all clothes under $10.00.  Thursday was the same sale on all women's clothing!  Whoot!  I actually spent over an hour... okay, maybe two... shopping.  I went through tons of stuff.  The only good thing about doing this is that by the time I start trying things on I'm dying and so if it feels okay at the store, it will feel okay no matter how bad a day I'm having!!

I ended up finding four dresses & a bunch of shirts.  I spent ~$40 and basically got a new spring/summer wardrobe for me & for my daughter.  Dresses are good things for days when my IBS & stuff because my stomach gets so sensitive that I can't stand anything pressing on it.  My daughter has the same problem & she wears jeans & skirts at her hips.  Trying to find nightclothes I can wear is darn near impossible because the loverly microfiber which is soooo comfy tends to have spaghetti straps.  GAH!!!!  Hate to tell you designers but WE DON'T LIKE THOSE!!!  Give us WIDE straps!!  Once my SSD comes through I'm going to go hit up JC Penny's where they actually have pretty bras in my size (40DD) and underwear I can tolerate.  And that's another thing!!  What is it about putting itchy elastic on underwear??  Or nightclothes??  Hey guys!!  Again, hate to tell you but there are a TON of us who want covered elastic!!  And if you're going to put any lace on... make it soft.  Seriously, I'm going to hunt you all down and make YOU wear this crap.  For a week!!  Then we'll see what you think about it!!  There's one thing about wearing something all fru-fru and cute when you're going out on a date (even if it's just dinner at home with your spouse/so) but we're not doing that every frelling day!!  Moi??  Hot button much??  Naaaaaah.

But enough of that.  My lilac bush is blooming which is nice.  I wish I had more of them.  I got some sprigs from my mil which I wanted to plant last year but nooOOOooo, I didn't feel well, and of course no one else in the house had the time nor inclination to help me out by digging the frelling holes so I could put them in.  ::sigh::  I so want a row of them on the other side of the fence from my swimming pool.  (That was a seriously cool thing when the heart of my heart & the soul of my soul bought this house... one of the reasons he chose it was because it had a 24' above ground pool so I'd have a place to walk & hang out in good weather.  I adore my husband!!)  So, without further ado... my lilac bush... it's just a baby now (only two years old) but I have high hopes for it!

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