Friday, April 15, 2011

Must... Not... Fall... Asleep... ... ... YET

You can't nap on the day of a sleep study.  You can not nap on the day of a sleep study.  You can not nap on the day of a sleep study.  If I just keep telling myself this maybe, just maybe I can keep from falling asleep.  Riiiiiight.  In other news, Jen stayed home with yet another Major Panic Attack, which I wonder if it may be connected to her cycle.  I noticed a pill pack on the kitchen floor & picked it up.  Errrrrm??  Full.  Ask the girlchild, "Uh.  Shouldn't you have started these already?"  "I thought I already had!!"  "Ummm, no.  Apparently not."  ::sigh::

[teens stop reading here... no, really]
Boychick managed to get a ride home from a fellow choir member who knows his sister.  (Okay, everyone can now expire in shock.)  I'm going to stop typing, which is sure to make my wrists/arms happy... or at least one can hope!!  Then I'll shut the laptop down, take a soaky bath and head up to Nashvegas.  Jen is hanging out at her dad's house this weekend.  He'll be busy but I have the feeling that she's planning on grabbing her step-mom & going out for shopping therapy anyway.  ::grin::  Which is fine by me, I can't afford it, Jen wants sandals with heels and I know that her step-mom has good taste in shoes.  Now if Jen would just stop having a frelling panic attack in the corner because she doesn't want to put her contacts in.  I'm not sure how to deal with it and it's driving me nuts right now because I can't.

It makes me feel worse which makes her feel worse which makes me.... gaaaaaaaaah!!  Whew.  Now she's calming down.  It's extremely frustrating.  Especially when she tells me that I'm mad when I'm not.  Sorry, but telling me I'm mad when I'm not mad is more likely to make me feel mad!  arrrrrrgh!!  It's like a double standard.  And the really weird thing is that I don't tell her how she feels.  ::sigh::  Okay, getting off of computer now.

Bipolar Countdown C

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